DOUBLE it - that's where the "magic" happens!

"Sage Sales Tip” for you this week - You're not thinking BIG enough! I LOVE when I work with clients and ask "so, what's your goal this week?" and they respond with something like.........."well, I'd really like to secure 12 new clients this week" or “I’d like to write 250 pages this week” or “I plan to meet with 8 new prospects this week”.  My response to statements like these is always DOUBLE IT! Yep, take that 12 and make it 24, take that 250 and write 500 pages or instead of just 8 prospect appointments, challenge yourself to 16!  WHY NOT?!?  And usually I hear “I never thought of it” or “no one’s ever asked me or challenged me to that”.

I find a lot of folks simply don’t THINK BIG ENOUGH – when you learn to stretch yourself that’s a “game changer” for your business or your craft.  Just imagine right now if you could DOUBLE what you did this week already – how does that feel?

You have to have BIG THINKING to achieve BIG RESULTS!

What’s the worst that can happen?

What generally happens is you fall somewhere in the “middle”.  That’s where the “magic happens” and “success lies”.  So the client that said “Marlo, I’d like to secure 12 new clients this week” if they were to change their goal setting and mindset to DOUBLE and STRETCH they will often times come back to say that “geesh, I used your strategy and I secured 18 NEW clients this week which was 6 more than they had originally set a pace for.  The potential is still there to secure 24 but it’s very rewarding to already supersede the original goal you set for yourself which will happen because your FOCUS is on the STRETCH goal/number.

I’m BIG on setting BASIC, MEDIUM and STRETCH goals – why?  Again, it’s that “magic thing” when you THINK BIGGER you achieve BIGGER results!  That is what Success Coaching is all about.  I have a high impact energy mindset toward success, all actions respond to this type of movement.

My personal challenge to you; Ask yourself “what do I want to accomplish or reach this week” then take that number and DOUBLE IT!  What you’ve just done is create your BASIC, MEDIUM and STRETCH goals.  Your basic is your original number, your stretch is doubling it then take the number in-between and that’s your medium goal.

Try it and email me with your results!