DOUBLE it – that’s where the “magic” happens!

Motivational-WallpaperI have a question for you: what if more really IS more? I asked my client this week what her goal was and she replied, “I’d really like to secure twelve new clients.”  My response?  Why not twenty-four?  Seriously Folks, whatever number is in your head this week, take a moment and ask yourself this question:

Why not MORE?

My client did not turn pale at the thought doubling her goal.  She did not give me that glazed over stare of a deer in the headlights, or even faint.  She smiled and said, “I never thought of that.”  That is the attitude of someone who’s ready to run.

It sounds simple enough, but it amazes me how many of my clients are thinking big, but not big ENOUGH.  There is power that waits just outside of the comfort zone for those who are willing to reach just a little bit farther.  That is the kind of power that changes lives, and that’s what I want for everyone I sit down with.  Can you imagine what doubling your goal looks like?  How does it feel?

These are big questions that carry big answers.  Are you ready for the results that come with thinking BIG?

It’s okay to be resistant.  Comfort zones are called that for a reason – they’re comfortable.  It’s important to remember that there’s another name for comfort – mediocrity.  Sometimes it’s okay to meet the minimum.  Sometimes, we give our all and that all looks like the status quo.  That’s okay.

Just remember, there’s something important that happens when you live in the comfort zone: nothing.

True, there is nothing to lose when you’re sitting comfortably, but there is also nothing to gain.  Until you take a risk and STRETCH those goals, you will not grow.  The great thing about growing is that whether there is a win or a loss, something is always gained.

Breaking this concept down, I challenge my clients to set three goals: basic, medium and stretch.  These goals comprise the original goal, a BIG goal, and whatever half-way between the two looks like.  They can be used to measure personal and professional growth.  By reaching towards these goals my clients are able to utilize my high impact mindset that assists in creating action steps that lead to big successes.

So ask yourself, what do you want to accomplish this week?  I challenge you to take that number and DOUBLE IT!  By doing this, you will create your own BASIC, MEDIUM and STRETCH goals.

Try it and email me with your results!