Driving to the GOAL -

DRIVING to the GOAL! Do you know HOW to do this?!?  It is the foundation for getting to where you want to be in business.  I find that SO MANY folks over-think this – it’s really very simple but you have to do it!

Let me share a “simple formula” with you to give you a taste of what I do for my clients in business – you’ve got to have a PLAN then GET ON IT!

Here is an example of someone who would like to laser in on how they are networking and growing their exposure:


Example of your ULTIMATE GOAL:

  • I will add 100 NEW clients in 2012, receiving an additional $100,000 additional income (let’s say each client pays you $1,000 each)

 STATISTICS (you’ve got to know what you’ve done in order to get to where you want to be):

  • Started networking 4.1.2012
    • Obtaining business cards and putting them in a binder
    • Created a data base with all NEW contacts (this is how you monitor your stats)
    • As of today it’s 12 weeks later ( 3 months or 1 full quarter)
    • You’ve attended 24 different networking events in these markets - snapshot of where you've been this will SHOW you where to continue to go to for future business - where are you spending MOST of your time in which market?!?; (You are averaging 2 new events each week)
      • Oxford (3 events)
      • Hamline (2 events)
      • Sienna (5 event)
      • Verona (8 events)
      • Cascade (6 event)
      • You’ve secured 240 total contacts (business cards) (You are averaging 80 new contacts each month) You average meeting 10 new prospects at each of these events.
      • You are averaging 20 new prospects a week (5 new prospects daily)


  • You have secured 15 new clients (generating $4,500/quarter revenue - $1,500/month revenue)
  • You are averaging 5 new clients/month (goal is 8 total each month 100÷12)
    • What can I change to get better results and reach my desired goals?
    • You’ve secured 45 total prospecting appointments (where you sit face-to-face and share what you do with them) You are currently “pitching” 15 folks/month – through the 2ndquarter (4 pitches/week)
      • Are you satisfied with this result?
      • You’ve been exposed to 240 clients – pitched 45 times (19% agree to meet with you) and secured 15 clients
        • How can I increase my “appointment exposure”?
        • What do I need to say or do to get the client to agree to an action with me?
        • 1 in every 3 prospecting appointments secures a sale - THIS IS WHERE you will see the ROI (return on investment) - are you satisfied with this?  If not, what needs to change to enhance it?

 ACTIONS (to ensure $100,000 success) and 100 new clients based on your 2nd quarter statistics:

  • You need to pitch to 300 folks
  • You need to pitch to 25 folks/month OR 6 each week!
  • You need to pitch 1 new client each DAY to reach your desired goals!

Actions – this is the MISSING link most often. Folks start with great momentum and drive but start to fizzle out with CONSISTENCY!

I would love the opportunity to be your coach - my experience guides me, I don't ask my clients to do anything I've not already done myself - I coach on EXPERIENCE not theory.

Love and belief - HIT IT HARD to the finish line this quarter!

Coach Marlo