Empower, Challenge, Support

Don’t let anyone temper your success! I had an interesting Coaching session with one of my top clients this last week.  There is a HUGE VALUE in hearing this story – it may have applied to you at some point in your business career or if you are looking to enhance your leadership skills or style – take note!

My dynamic client arrived to our session feeling a bit off but could not put a finger on why she felt this way.  Digging deeper with her on why she was so off with reaching her set goals for the week un-earthed this simple but powerful awareness:

She was told what to do instead of EMPOWERED with a way of creating it for herself which completely tempered her results!

This is SO big that I have to say it again: She was TOLD WHAT TO DO instead of EMPOWERED with a way of creating it for herself which completely TEMPERED her results!

Let me share; when she had sat down with one of her top executives to have an overview of her coming month.  She was told 1) Here are your clients 2) This will be your level of production 3) Get to it- no questions asked.

Well, how do you think her week went? It didn't – she fell flat, got off course, and by Friday she was totally stuck!  I’ve found that to ignite people to perform at the levels in which we are expecting you must empower them with “their way” of doing it. Folks don’t like to be told what to do! I have found it’s best to simply share a strategy or the framework of an idea then ask: “So how would YOU approach this?”  I allow them to flavor it up in a way that is effective for them.

How do you think her week of sales and production would have gone if she was EMPOWERED with a way to figure it out by being CHALLENGED and asked to return with the results?

“Noodle on this” as I like to say – I challenge you this week to EMPOWER, CHALLENGE and SUPPORT others – don’t tell them how to do it; rather empower them with a way to figure it out – if they come back and need assistance then ask them how you can best support their need.

See what happens!

Ignite Your Success,