Enrich the World; Give Back!

Every quarter I take an entire week and dedicate it to giving back to others.  Philanthropy is described as; charity, compassion, humanity and generosity.  I've decided to take a "passion, not paycheck" attitude towards my business. 

The Packages:

  1. Student Mentorship (6 Students a Quarter/24 a Year) – I treat them as regular clients with expectations of follow-up to challenges and strategies.
  2. Philanthropy Week – I dedicate one week each quarter to people who would like coaching, but may not have the resources. I've done this for start-up companies, non-profits, young professionals, struggling businesses and single parents.

The Goal:

  • To empower 12 mentees during Philanthropy week (3 a day for 4 days).

 The Look & Feel of a Session:

  • First off, it’s important to get clear on what the client/student is seeking around their coaching opportunity. I have them submit an in-take form that breaks this down for me in advance so our time together is highly effective.  It asks core questions on their most important and immediate goals.
  • We connect for an hour; these are "jam sessions" that have some AMAZING energy.  Together we work out plans, strategies, and solutions to reach these desired goals and outcomes.
  • Philanthropy coaching sessions are pre-scheduled months in advance.

The "Why":

  • This week keeps me grounded and pure in what I do. It fuels me to give back and help others.  This one simple action keeps my brand strong and emphasizes that I can "walk the walk."

This whole week is focused on others and how my energy and experience can help them.   We all need a Coach, business strategist, or (especially in my case) a Chief Inspirational Officer at some point; especially if we are just starting out, feeling stuck or don’t know what to do next. There is BIG VALUE working as a team to get there.

I have been asked why I do this. Well, I’ve experienced some amazing opportunities and have been rewarded by others. It only seems right to do this!  I usually come off this week exhausted; my sessions with clients are high energy, with LOTS of momentum, excitement, and ideas. Some recharge time is definitely necessary, not just for my cell phone!

I'm very excited for my next round coming in July when I get to do it all over again. I encourage you to do the same. If it's not services for a week, what can YOU do to give me? Is there something you are already doing? Share it with me in the comments below.

To inquire about one of these complimentary philanthropy coaching sessions, please connect with me at; marlo@marlohiggins.com

Ignite Your Success,