Freaking out with vibe towards coaching my clients

Are you more like Sophia Grace (FREAKING OUT WITH JOY) or Rosie (Seemingly SHY yet CONFIDENT)?!? If you talk to any of my clients they will probably share with you that my approach toward what I do with them in business has that “Sophia Grace” feeling towards it – I’M FREAKING OUT WITH JOY!

I often describe how I approach my day as this; “when I come into my office it feels like Christmas morning all over again – you don’t know the present that lies under the tree”. This resonates LOUDLY for me – every client is a “gift” and there is a reason why we are together jamming out big – beautiful – powerful – strategies. I happen to bring a bit of “Sophia Grace” with me – FREAKING OUT WITH JOY on what we are going to do to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Enjoy this short video showing how Sophia Grace and Rosie talk about fairies with Ellen– seeing these two in action always puts a HUGE smile on my face.