Giving back.........a generous note from Courtney!

An element of my coaching is about GIVING BACK!  My business plan includes complimentary coaching to students who seek to leverage their leadership skills.........this is a generous note from Courtney who shares her experience with you. I met Marlo through a guest speaker who attended my student organization's meeting. I recently was promoted to co-president of the University of Iowa Habitat for Humanity chapter. I e-mailed the guest speaker asking her questions of how to be a successful leader. She directed me to Marlo for advice and mentoring.

Marlo graciously agreed to meet with me twice a month and share her knowledge and expertise with me. Before meeting with Marlo, I felt enthusiastic about getting the chance to be a leader, but a little nervous as well. Marlo worked with me through my obstacles and gave me the confidence I needed to successfully run my student organization. Whenever I struggled with how to approach a problem, her advice guided me to a solution.

Having Marlo as my mentor has also encouraged me to be more goal-oriented and know exactly what my strengths are. Marlo is a passionate and inspiring individual. I would not have been the person I am today without her guidance. I highly recommend her as a success business coach and mentor.

The power of giving back fuels who I am as a Coach - if you are interested in participating or nominating someone who could benefit from this, please contact me for more information