GREAT, FULL If you’ve been following me you know that I am an extremely grounded soul. My life has been fueled with gratitude (by no mistake).  I’ve made intentional choices that have led me to the places I’ve been in life and business and see the clear path to where I am going.  This grounding and consistency is truly one of the radiating factors that people have aligned with me along the way.  I value this strength and want to share with you how I “fuel it” throughout the year;

I take these consistent actions in my life;

  • Gratitude Walks – I spend an intentional 45 minutes walking and listing out everything I am grateful for.  I am most effective with this exercise when I am walking in the pines or near water.  Amazing how “complete” you feel afterwards.
  • Gratitude lunches – Throughout my professional career I’ve always valued the people I’ve aligned with and set out a special time to create special environments for them.  I invite them to lunch and we toast with champagne and I simply thank them for being part of my journey.
  • Gratitude lists – I find myself at times putting intention to listing out everything I am grateful for……….maybe it’s been a great week and I just look back and ooze gratitude for what I experienced and sometimes it’s the launch of a new product or idea and I find “space” to reflect on how cool it was to do it.

My message for you today is simple…………….as we enter into this Thanksgiving week I invite you to reflect on what you are you immensely grateful for?

Love and Belief!