happenPeople often tell me that I am a “fireball of energy”, and I would have to agree. I find myself to be pretty enthusiastic most of the time. I’ve put some time into figuring out what makes me this way and have found that the key to maintaining high energy boils down to a simple formula…GROWTH = ENERGY. I’ve found myself experiencing a big growth phase since 2005. During this time I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to align myself with other executives to start a company, championed to re-brand and grow another established firm, and in the past 20 months have created and launched my own brand of soul based business coaching.

This GROWTH has given me ENERGY and it grows exponentially. It’s simple. More growth, more energy, and it is evident to the people that surround you. Think about it, we all know that seeds get planed deep into the ground and it takes a lot of ENERGY for them to break through the soil they are planted in.  I look at this analogy in how I’ve been growing, stretching, challenging and achieving.  During this phase, various business and success seeds have been planted and I’ve been breaking a lot of ground which had allowed me to experience unstoppable ENERGY.  This is one of my FAVORITE topics to coach on.

Positive things happen when you’re in GROWTH mode.  Teams get bigger, more opportunities present, your bank account expands.  In my opinion everything is good when we’re growing.  So I attribute all this unstoppable ENERGY to all that I’ve been striving for and accomplishing this past couple of years.  It’s fueled my ENERGY.

What GROWTH activities, projects, and opportunities can you pour yourself into that will allow for more ENERGY?

I’d love to learn from you, so please share what you’ve experienced around GROWTH in the comment section below.

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