How do you want your business to feel?

love and beliefHave you ever been in a situation when you had an emotional investment in a business deal and someone told you, “its just business, nothing personal”? What if that wasn’t true? What if I told you some of the most successful people incorporate how they feel into their business and actions? When you get clear on how you want your business to feel, everything can change.

For example, I want to feel PEACEFUL | ENERGIZED | EMPOWERED | LOVED in my business.  Once you define your feeling, you can align actions to take that will allow those feelings.

Here’s a breakdown of the FEELINGS, aligned with ACTIONS I take when I want my business to feel a certain way:


ACTIONS I take to make my business feel peaceful…

  • Having systems in place
  • Blogging weekly
  • Social media structured and scheduled
  • Clients prescheduled


  • When I am coaching
  • When I am presenting
  • When I am creating something new
  • When I am learning something new and researching


  • When invited to submit a proposal
  • When someone connects through my website
  • When I am sharing how I serve in my business with others


  • Client feedback forms
  • LinkedIn recommendations
  • Client referrals
  • Past client reaches out and checks in

When I clearly understand which actions to take in order to make my business FEEL a certain way, I am able to identify what I’m doing right or wrong if I feel off course. Having an immediate action plan and road map that I can turn to allows me to feel the way I desire to feel while working in my business.

If something feels good, you want to do more of it. Taking these types of actions regularly will create a ‘gentle hum’ of energy around how you operate your business. That hum is what radiates from successful people, drawing others to them and creating an atmosphere of positivity and creativity.  It all stems from doing more of what you love to do.

So ask yourself “how do you want your business to feel” then take it from there. List out the FEELINGS then align them with ACTIONS.

Holler back and share what you desire for your business, I love hearing from you.

Ignite Your Success!