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2015-09-21 15.30.40I set out with a CLEAR GOAL in the fall of last year to blog 52 times in 2015. It was an ideal goal for me that aligned perfectly with my bigger plans for this year. My goal was to connect with you all consistently through blogging, and as I commonly find with my clients, the consistency has proven to be a challenge. So instead of excuses as to why I’ve been absent, here’s an update: I’ve found myself with more than a few health obstacles this year. Looking back now, it’s by no mistake that the WORD I chose for myself this year was STRONG. Let’s just say, I am now VERY thoughtful about the words I choose.   Little did I know how STRONG I would have to be to endure the bumps, bruises and simple setbacks that this year provided. I’m not one to complain, so I’m not going to go into details but let’s just say that all the fun I had was matched with just as many challenges.

I trust as I write this that there is someone out there that is experiencing something similar and can relate, so if that’s you…kudos for being a strong person.

As I met with my first two clients this morning and we were chatting through our coaching sessions it became clear to me WHY I’ve been championed with these setbacks this year. I am always open to receive whatever lesson there is to be learned from what I experience so this is what I realized:

The BIGGEST CURRENCY I exchange with my clients is mental toughness and radiant energy.

I’ve alluded to this throughout various blogs this year, but it is clear to me when I am with my clients. The folks that align with me are seeking someone to challenge and stretch them. Who better to do that than someone with extreme mental toughness, someone who views challenges not with fear, but rather acceptance? It’s easy for me to assist someone through their biggest challenges and obstacles and create simple paths and actions to take to overcome.

I am grateful for this gift. It has served me well.

I do want to clarify, I am healthy. I’m Strong. I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn from what I’ve experienced. I’m grateful if I can help just one person get through their obstacle.

I plan on doing ‘double time’ to replace those four blogs I missed so there will be a week or two that you’ll hear from me twice. This will allow the goal of 52 blogs in 2015 to happen. It’s just going to look a little different, I accept that. It is important to be flexible and bend your goals a bit sometimes in order to arrive at the same outcome.

I also want to share that I’ve already selected my WORD and MANTRA for 2016.


MANTRA = Run fast, live fearless!

** The attached picture was a ‘mental toughness visual’ I prepared for myself as I was preparing to endure an upcoming procedure. It helps me to focus on something other than myself. These pictures are a reminder that I am strong, I can bend, and I will get through and shine again.

Love and belief! You’ve got this.

I’d love to hear from you, you’re invited to share in the comments section below.

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