Increase your Self-Confidence by Creating your 180 Day Accolades List

success-accomplishmentsDo you ever wonder why some folks just walk taller and move with greater ease when it comes to business and life?  We’ve all experienced them, they walk into the corner café and they have and aura that captivates you.  It boils down to healthy self-confidence (we’re not talking ego here).  This is the simple, fresh, just-want-to-follow them ease of confidence. So, how can you capture that for yourself?

A strategy I created while growing fast-moving and profitable teams was to challenge both myself and my team members to create a 180 day accolades list.  List out all the good you’ve accomplished or achieved in the past 180 days or 6 months then keep that front and center to create more of it. This compounded effort over time allows for this to become a natural part of how you do business and as you know, success breeds more success.

I personally do this every January and July that is why I call it The 180 Day Accolades List. These two months tend to be slower (no matter what business you are in) which allows for time to do a little “self-study” and research on yourself, your business and your brand.

Sit with a cup of coffee in an environment that allows for clear reflection (mine happens at our cabin in the woods where I am close to nature).  Look back to all the beautiful things you’ve accomplished over the past 6 months (or 180 days).  Just list them out, pen in hand and go freely.  Allow yourself to run here…dig into all eight areas of business and life (work, money, living environment, personal growth, health and recreation, community, family and faith).

Dig with this ONE QUESTION; what did I accomplish in this area of my life? Then put it down…

Ok, its one thing to “put if down” but the MAGIC comes when you print this off, reflect on it regularly and keep doing more of it.  Your past accomplishments don’t lie; you can bank on them to bring you more and to assist in increasing your self-confidence over time.  Again, this is not an “ego exercise” but one that will keep your passion for what you do alive, allow you to speak your success when trying to build more of it and improve or sustain your self-confidence.

As always, your input matters so please share with me in the comments section below.

Ignite Your Success,