It's all about the RESULTS

7X7McIL6JyjonXkc1O2p9A1Yd-0oSCkhGCyF_Q8gA1sAs A RESULT based coach; I wanted to pass along the type of RESULTS my clients are receiving through coaching (so far) this year:

  •  Created a consistent business plan that was attainable to act on (4 yr. old CPA firm)
  • Focused business plan that implemented daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly actions
  • Obtained Executive Sales role – invaluable
  • Superseded personal monthly sales from $2,000 to $6,000/month – 200% increase
  • Doubled a sales team from 8 to 16 producers 50% increase
  • Launched a new venture (executed on a desired dream) - priceless
  • Developed leadership skills that allowed for exponential growth
  • Increased sales by 30% in 1 Q (tech firm)
  • Launched a Whole Foods Business
  • Doubled personal income by crafting a laser plan that focused on “their bulls-eye”
  • Landed their dream job by learning to recognize their natural strengths
  • Got into the med-school of their choice
  • Successfully led 24 board-of-directors that allowed for business growth and increase profits by 25% in Q1
  • Optometrist transferred to another state by creating a clear plan of action – landed them into a better office and location
  • Leveraged a high-level real estate producer to double sales from 2M to 4M in annual sales growth
  • Aesthetician doubled her sales in our first month of coaching – she had been in business for 4 years……..
  • Added an additional revenue stream which allowed for additional income of 20% in their 1st month
  • Other………….

If any of the above RESULTS excite you and you would like to see these types of RESULTS for yourself this year, please call on me. I am here to serve you as your Coach.  Reach out today and connect

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