Mirror, Mirror On The Wall… Am I Doing It Right?

runnerThere are days when I can identify with wicked Queen in Snow White.  Actually, there are days when I am envious of a magical mirror who is able to say with certainty that YES, I am the fairest, noblest, most amazing business woman in the land.  Having another voice be that validation would be nice, but I’ve got a better idea. How do you know when you’re doing it right?  Make a list that tells you so.

Having a healthy dose of confidence changes the way you see yourself and how others see you.  In an earlier post we discussed sending out the right frequency.  Your confidence is a part of the frequency.

In order to further develop that confidence, I created a strategy while growing fast-moving and profitable teams. I challenged myself and my team members to create a 180 day accolades list.  List out all the good you’ve accomplished or achieved in the past 180 days or 6 months then keep that front and center to create more of it. Over time I found myself adding to the list and creating a taste for it.  I wanted to be successful to prove that I could – to be my own validation.

I personally do this every January and July that is why I call it The 180 Day Accolades List. These two months tend to be slower no matter what business you are in, which allows for time to do a little self-study, figuring out what is working for your business and your brand.

Allow yourself some time to think about this.  Sit with a cup of coffee in an environment that allows for clear reflection (mine happens at our cabin in the woods where I am close to nature).  Look back to all the beautiful things you’ve accomplished over the past 6 months (or 180 days).  Take a pen and paper and starting laying down all the things that you’ve done well.  Allow yourself to run here, dig into all areas of business and life.  I divide it out into eight categories: work, money, living environment, personal growth, health and recreation, community, family and faith.

Guiding question: what did I accomplish in this area of my life?

Once you have all that goodness on paper, validate it by putting the list where you can see it. Take a look at your own magic mirror, reflecting on your success, then keep it up.  Your past accomplishments don’t lie; you’ve got what it takes to go far.  Take those accolades to heart and keep pressing forward.  Know that I’m here if you need an extra push.

As always, your input matters so please share with me in the comments section below.

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