My intention for today is to IGNITE and INSPIRE YOU

My intention for today is to IGNITE and INSPIRE YOU to take action toward a goal or vision that you’ve been sitting on; around your finances, relationships, health and wellness or personal growth.  Soak up all love that I am passing to you here – print it off, read it daily and believe that you deserve it! 

I am grateful for every opportunity I get to ignite others SUCCESS – I get to speak these written words to others nationwide as I am empowered to present my “mini jam sessions” – soak it up and feel free to share this with others or hire me in-person to bring it to you  LIVE! 

My personal motivating strategies;

  • Start making on-purpose choices
  • Attract what you want toward you!
    • What is that FOR YOU???
  • MAKE THE DECISION; must make a change with your perspective and attitude
  • You MUST QUALIFY to get to great!
    • This is ONE THING that will lead to TOP PERFORMANCE
  • We all know what we need to do, we just DON’T DO IT!
  • 2 clear sets of skills;
    • Life Skills
      • Emotional management
      • Time
      • Money management
    • Technical Skills (sales arena)
      • Book appointments
      • Sell product
      • Follow-up/Follow through
  • BE A MASTER AT MANAGING BOTH of these areas
  •  The boundaries of belief determine what you do! 
  • Good enough is the ENEMY of EXCELLENCE!
    • Decide to choose EXCELLENCE
  •  You can only be PITIFUL or POWERFUL
  •  Brain has 2 places to go 1) memory 2) imagination
  •  Be exhausted by success than rested by mediocrity!

Enjoy the journey - we all have what it takes to be SUCCESSFUL, embrace it!

Ignite your Success, Your Coach........Marlo