Meeting Danielle LaPorte: My Journey.

2013-03-10 11.05.13Meeting Danielle LaPorte: My Journey. I mentioned last week that I was going to spend three days with Danielle LaPorte, someone who I would consider a mentor of mine. A woman who truly understands that we must follow our passions and strengthen our talents.

This experience has been amazing. I hope this story inspires you to find someone who truly activates you, who inspires you, and who motivates you to be a better you!

I discovered Danielle sometime last year while reading some materials from Seth Godin, a best-selling author whose tag line is 'Go Make Something Happen', when I came across Danielle's story I was immediately captivated.  When I look back at where this journey has led me, it’s all about executing on your dreams and desires and I am proud of myself for actually making this happen.

Why Danielle LaPorte?

I would describe how she writes and speaks as liquid gold; she has a smooth essence about how she shares her beliefs and strategies and I am enamored by this.  I also highly respect how she’s built her brand from the ground up; something that I am currently working towards. Danielle has been a beautiful example of the “road map” in how I am approaching what I do professionally.  It’s really taught me how to stay within my core and leverage my natural gifts and talents to help others, something that truly makes me happy.

As a subscriber of Danielle, an email landed in my in-box on January 17th to attend a retreat in Northern Minnesota for “The Spark of Awesomeness” retreat.  Anyone who truly knows me will tell you that just the name alone was enough to attract me to this event. The chance to work with the woman who had become my mentor was more than enough motivation to make me pack my bags and prepare for this journey. It knew it would be an invaluable investment for me and an opportunity I could not miss out on.

I talk about following your dreams, acknowledging your passions, and igniting your success. I push these virtues onto my followers because it, honestly, is the same advice I follow myself! About a year ago, shortly after I had read Danielle's Fire Starter Session I told myself that this is a woman I need to get into a room with! I was completely captivated by her. So guess what? I did it! I made my dreams come true - not only did I get into a room with her but I got a hug by her, lots of pictures, and all of her books signed. We even sat next to each other for dinner one night. It was an amazing experience, actually seeing one of my dreams come true. This was the ultimate motivator to continue creating goals and make sure I meet each one of them! And you can too!

Now I want to ask all of you - who is one person you admire and would do anything to get into a room with just to bounce ideas off each other and let them fuel your passions and inspire you?

Take chances, take risks - THINK BIG, why not?  You deserve it!  Getting in the room with Danielle LaPorte was like getting in the room with YOUR favorite celebrity. Maybe for you it's Oprah Winfrey. Oh yeah, we talked about Oprah too; she’s in Danielle’s circle of influencers and she had just been with her!  I thrive on those types of connections and touch points. It's a smaller world than we will ever know.

What will Ignite your Success?

All my bests,

Coach Marlo