NEW with Audio! Create your WORD and MANTRA for 2013!

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Creating your Word and Mantra

New Year - New You - New Way of Thinking

New Year’s Resolutions, we've all made them but what happens with it?  It tends to “go away”  why???……..there is a great tendency to stop being motivated around it if you’re not seeing the results you set for yourself.

A powerful approach that I’ve used for years while motivating myself and assisting others to do the same is this…………..

Create your WORD and MANTRA at the beginning of EVERY YEAR!  These are two different things but both will have a HUGE IMPACT on how you sustain your success all year long.

In my opinion, this is the MOST VALUABLE project you can do for yourself to set you up for a great year (whatever great means to you).

HOW – how do you approach this?  It’s simple………….reflect in a quite space that allows you to fuel your desires and energy.  This could be at the gym while working out or maybe it’s in the kitchen while cooking a great meal…………just allow yourself to think of the BEST WORD to describe your up-coming YEAR.  What type of year do you want to have and what is the feeling you have around it??

My WORD in 2012 was DETERMINED!  This ONE WORD framed my entire year……I was DETERMINED to be a great wife, mother and friend.  I was DETERMINED to build a great brand and serve my clients with value.  I was DETERMINED to make it, I was DETERMINED to grow, learn, ask, achieve and receive.  Anyone who’s interacted with me over the last 12 months knows that I’ve approached EVERY THING I’ve done with this WORD in mind.

My MANTRA in 2012 is/was; Champions are motivated by the dream but made by their routine!  WOW……….just saying it gets me revved up!  The reason I selected a mantra like this was 1) it was an Olympic year so a lot of energy went towards fueling champions and watching them this past summer 2) knowing that in order to be a TOP CHAMPION we all have to have a GREAT ROUTINE that allows that to happen.  You can’t just start lifting weights on Monday and by Friday of the same week be the WORLDS CHAMPION weight lifter right?!?  It’s the routine of those daily actions in the gym that allows that build up to gain traction…………ahhhhh routines, systems and organization!  It gives us clarity and a path to follow.

WHY – why do this?  I have found that if I’m not “feeling it” or start to wane that all I have to do is speak my WORD and MANTRA and that re-frames me to keep going, stay on task, seek out new challenges…………it just frames me!  I say to myself “Marlo, get going because you are DETERMINED to do IT today, this week, this month”……….can you see how this can relate to your success?  Can you hear the value of it?  We all need “tools, tips and resources” to move forward or get ahead………..this is my #1 tip for you.

My personal challenge to you is to create this for yourself…………dig deep and hold on to it all year long.  My WORD in 2013 is RADIATE – I know that I will simply “show up” and radiate all that I have to offer…………and my MANTRA will include something about GRATITUDE.  You can already hear that my determination and champion mindset has set me up to radiate and ooze gratitude in 2013!

Ignite Your Success – Coach Marlo