PERK UP: Three Marlo Quotes to Motivate Your Morning

This is a guest blog from Josh Krakauer, Co-Founder and CEO of Sculpt. Josh and his team work alongside Marlo, making sure her digital brand keeps pace with her's offline.

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When Marlo Higgins invites you to a morning meeting, you take it. Especially if you’re not a morning person. FYI: I am the definition of “not a morning person.” I'm the take-my-coffee-with-a-side-of-coffee type of morning person. But Marlo’s before-noon energy can ignite a room (like I experienced last week), and inspire even the tiredest non-morning people to take action. So when Marlo invites you to a 9AM Dream Program, you join. Then you blog about it.

Marlo’s Dream Program incorporates one-on-one goal tracking sessions and quarterly group meetings. It’s a sharp kick in the pants to get you (and your company) moving, shaking and making ideas happen. As a dreamer myself, actively building Sculpt, Iowa City’s Social Media Agency, her words struck a nerve.

Tack a Marlo morning on to your business bucket list. Until then, here are three motivational takeaways you can apply to your life, immediately.

'You Deserve What You Desire.'

Ahh. Feels comforting saying it, right? Self-doubt is your biggest enemy on the road to awesome. You can have what you want. And as Marlo reminds -- you deserve it. Ask yourself: What do you DESIRE? A dream vacation? 10 pounds off the scale? Don’t feel guilty about your dreams. And stop telling yourself NO. Keep that desire top of mind, and take smart, actionable steps toward them. Break the mental block and you'll achieve your daily/weekly/monthly/lifetime goals.

'Recognize Your Greatness.'

Your dream doesn’t fail when you fall short of your goal in your expected time. Your dream fails when you stop executing on it. As a self-proclaimed Chief Inspiration Officer, Marlo is a pro at identifying what makes you truly remarkable, and harnessing it to help you achieve your dreams.

What makes you great? Ask your colleagues. Ask your family. Ask yourself.

Then own it.

'Have the Sense of a Goose'

Geese are exceptionally team-oriented animals, did you know that? When a goose falls out of formation, it feels the drag, and gets back in formation for the lifting power. They fly as a team for the aerodynamic (and moral) support. The geese in the rear HONK to encourage the ones up front. If one goes down, they send two down with it. Only when they’re healthy do they rejoin the pack, and fly together.

What does your support system look like? Striving for excellence isn’t a solo journey. Lift others up and you’ll reach new heights together.

Feeling empowered yet? You should. Book your first session and get motivated today.