Q @ A - digging DEEP into my brand and how it impacts others SUCCESS

Recently I spent time conducting an interview with Allison Arp, a dynamic communications guru around my brand of coaching - these are the questions, answers and insight from that opportunity; enjoy! Q: What are some specific examples of how you coached someone/a group of people and their business improved?

  • In 2005 I was asked to start and oversee a nationwide sales team.  My leadership and ability to create a team concept atmosphere allowed this team to reach MULTI-MILLION sales levels.  I approached this project by “leading by example”.  I never asked anyone to do anything that I had not already tried myself.
  • In 2008 I was recruited to another firm to enhance their already established 6-year-old sales organization.  Under my direction and leadership we grew the overall team company sales upward 225% in my first 180 days (6 months) of leadership.
  • I work with a variety of industries; I offer a STAR POWER style of coaching which is described as high energy, motivational, success driven and results based.  Businesses or individuals seeking this type of movement in their business align with my talent sets in coaching.  I continue to receive outstanding compliments around what I am doing with others in business and hear daily of the RESULTS that are showing up due to our coaching partnership.

Q: How comfortable are you in speaking on the topic of teamwork?

  • The core of my success comes from this ARENA.  Nothing happens until the team aligns together toward the goal and they can see clearly their role in it.
    • Team Quote that I live by;


Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision.  The ability to direct individual accomplishment toward organizational objectives.  It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.

Q: Would you be able to transfer some of your topics to a team setting such as “ability to grow,” “building positive relationships” and “creating a clear sense of direction and purpose?”

  • YES!  You re-engineer towards team setting.  You speak to the value of the leader and share how teamwork plays to the overall goal.  I teach folks how to “share the numbers” and teach them “how to run to it.”

Q: Do you believe your “taking chances” mentality that you have practiced in your own business can transfer to a community of businesses?

  • YES!  If you take the same actions and never change you will always receive the same results.  You’ve got to stretch yourself and go outside your comfort zone.  That is where the MAGIC HAPPENS and success lies. I teach clients HOW to do this and what a “challenge” means and feels like with specific examples.

Q: What are three words you would use to describe yourself?

  • I can actually approach this two different ways; I’ve studied this deeply because I recognize that FEELING goes with BRAND and this is IMPORTANT to me.

So here goes;

1)    Integrity, Grounded, Consistent


2)    Empowered = positive, respected, expert, glorified, recognized

3)    Peaceful = secure, grounded, solid, confident

4)    Challenged = stretched, energized, keep myself interesting (not settling), engaged, interesting

5)    Loved = gooey, whole, strong, deserving, complete

My intentions are to be recognized as a National Talent; my name is synonymous with great success, positive power and influence.  “Oprahish” good-valued, warm with honor.

Q: What are three traits a successful business must have?

Pick 3 – this is MY LIST that I live by with my brand;

  • Be passionate
  • Let quality differentiate me
  • Select my company name powerfully
  • Believe in myself
  • Step out of my comfort zone
  • Devil is in the details – know what those are
  • Listen to customers = satisfaction (obtain feedback)
  • Select the right people
  • Make them feel important
  • Persistence WINS the race!

Q: How would you go about changing the attitudes of employees? Leaders? Customers?

  • There is VALUE in being aware of what you are WATCHING, READING and LISTENING TO along with who are you aligning with. Folks must have this awareness of the environment they put themselves into.  They must WANT to make it happen – I cannot want it more for them than they want for themselves. I teach folks to surround themselves with other motivated people – this is one of the reasons folks align with me.  Simply due to my attitude.

Q: How do you think your community involvement before you got into success coaching would impact/improve your ability to help community groups?

  • My experience guides me; the actions I ask my clients to take are things I’ve already done myself in business.

Q: What inspires you? How can people inspire themselves and others?

  • I live by a WORD and MANTRA.  This changes each year – this frames me to move forward toward my goals.  I am only competing with myself in business – there is no one else like me, my coaching approach or my brand.  So it is myself that has to enhance to ensure forward growth and synergy.
  • My WORD this year is DETERMINED – if I stray, this one word can re-frame me and get me back on track.  I teach this concept to others
  • My MANTRA is; Champions are motivated by the DREAM and made by their ROUTINE.  This shows the consistency needed to succeed.
  • I speak success and nothing less – this radiates out of me and others sense this and attract to it.  I am humble so it is important that arrogance or ego do not shine rather a sense of love and belief!
  • Framing yourself with mindset is a must!  I posture both a MILLIONAIRE mindset AND a CHAMPIONS mindset toward life, growth and affluence.

The best way to move forward or get ahead is to keep a “constant pulse” on WHAT and HOW you are doing.  I challenge you to seek this out – call on a friend, mentor or colleague to ask you some CORE questions – you may be surprised what you learn about yourself, your business or your personal brand.

Ignite Your Success – Coach Marlo