Rabbit | Rabbit why these should be the first words out of your mouth on the first day of every month

aug bunniesIn 1988 I had the opportunity to travel to Europe on a cultural arts program and during that time I was introduced to a concept that I still take action on today. That powerful action is to say ‘rabbit rabbit’ as the first words out of my mouth on the first day of every month.  This is to bring you good luck. I’ve taken that concept deeper over the years and through different levels of success. Today I strongly use this as a way to push the reset button every month and simply remind myself to ‘run my race full on fast’ for the next 30 days.

When we keep things simple and approachable they're easier to achieve.

We can all run a race (any race) knowing that it’s just 1 mile at a time. If you’re training for a marathon and look at running the whole 26+ miles all at once that can feel daunting and almost unattainable, rather look at each mile as its own and learn from each one as together you’ll see the finish line.  Honor your race.  Honor how you’re getting through it.  Use this compounded approach to stay strong.  Another helpful tip is to celebrate each mile as it passes just like you would when it applies to your business world.  We have to reflect on what we’ve done to get to where we got to keep us motivated to do more.  It’s easier than we make it out to be most often.

So ask yourself, “what would I like to achieve this month?” then take the simple daily actions to get there. When you reach the finish line at the end of the month you might be surprised how you got there. It no longer feels hard, but disciplined and attainable.  Simply because you decided to push the reset button and take one day at a time.  This allowed you to get there.

I invite you to say rabbit rabbit at the beginning of every month from here on out and share with me what it’s doing for you. I’ve led high level professionals through this strategy and it’s amazing the feedback that’s been received simply by reframing each month with a gentle reminder that all we have to do is run a 30 day race not the full 365 day race today.

You deserve to get to where you’d like to go, honor yourself along the way. Don’t give up and use the simple things in life to assist you in achieving those goals.

Ignite Your Success and leave your comments below. We all need to learn from you.