Shannon's Story...

ShannonHendersonI’ve always been the type of person that lives for my career. I usually look forward to going to work and actually enjoy Mondays. After taking some time away from my career to have a baby, I got an interview for what I thought would be my dream job. I was able to get a second interview, but unfortunately did not get the job. I felt crushed and ended up taking a different job that wasn’t ideal, but I thought I would make the best of. As I began this new job I felt confused and lost, and began to feel depressed and trapped. I decided to investigate the idea of a career coach. I had never worked with one before and was unsure of how someone outside of my professional field could help me focus on my long and short-term career goals.

My search led me to Marlo. She is an extremely positive and upbeat person. After our initial phone meeting I felt confident about moving forward with her as my career coach. Within our first few meetings Marlo began to speak to my strengths and how to focus my energy around these. She was able to reframe my thoughts and create a path to future goals that I had not been able to see clearly on my own.

One recurring challenge I had was my time management skills. Previously I struggled everyday with getting certain tasks done, making time for new projects, or following through on existing projects.  Together we created a Time Pie Chart and Success Board. The time chart allowed me to have a bird’s eye view of my week. I quickly began to make small changes in my day. The Success Board showed me the things I was accomplishing weekly. I started to feel better about my time and was able to clearly focus on all my projects.

Marlo has really helped me tackle issues including efficiency, accountability, and problem solving in specific work situations. Career goal optimization and general tips and tricks for living my every day life were also big benefits. As a result, I am much more productive at work and my personal life, and I feel have the tools to attain my dream job.

Shannon Henderson