Silly "grounding" tools - but they work! Sweatshirt + Shower + Pizza..........Stress Relievers!

sweatshirt showerpizza

Sweatshirt – Shower and a Pizza!

WHAT!  These are the 3 things I have used over the years to “relieve my stress”.  A shining star client of mine this week reminded me of the power of figuring out HOW TO GROUND YOURSELF and relieve stress.  I thought you also deserved the value of this.

We all have it (STRESS) – so how can you go about relieving it?!?

What are 3 things that would consistently unwind you in a way that works?

I figured this out way back in my very early 20’s…………when I was feeling overwhelmed or stressed, these were my “go to’s” to get back to feeling better and relieving the days stress.  It became clear that this was a powerful combo that I consistently turned to when that feeling arose.  It was my way of putting an action to what I needed to have happen………..relieve stress.  Looking back, it’s seems weird that early on in my life I was adopting principles that I coach on today.  That just makes it more clear to me that I am meant to do what I am doing professionally and it’s by my personal experiences that allows this natural talent to shine.

So, why shower, sweatshirt and pizza?!?  Well………..I guess the shower simply to “wash away” the ick of the day.  The sweatshirt because it’s just so b-a-s-i-c and comfy and pizza because it was simply a cheap comfort food.

I often times talk about how GROUNDED and CONSISTENT I am.  This stems from that…..this simple ritual has lasted many years and I am still proud that I know how to de-stress myself and get back to remembering what matters – my sanity and the feeling of comfort.

It’s by no surprise that our family has personally adopted this strategy!  You will find us ordering pizza EVERY Friday night………..It’s pizza night in our house.  Now that our boys are teenagers they know that if they have friends over, that’s the fare.

I challenge you to create 3 things that will ground you back to feeling better about your day and give you the comfort you require to be WHOLE again.

Love and belief!  Coach Marlo