STRAIGHT TALK - what my clients are saying about Coaching with me

I ask each of my clients to provide feedback from our Coaching partnership – it’s important to me, I value their input.  This ensures I am doing what I say I am going to do and coach with integrity.  Here is a taste of what a few clients had to say this month.  Enjoy! What aspects of your coaching experience did you like the most? 

 Marlo helped me to think about things that I had never thought about before. I now know my strengths and I know what skills I can use to approach all situations. I like the way she helped me put my thoughts into words and in a form that I can apply to my everyday life. -Nicole ------------ "I engaged Marlo to help me get rolling with a personal selling initiative to increase revenues. Marlo's sales expertise was very helpful in zeroing in on what actions I needed to take get things rolling. She then critiqued my plans, supported my plans, and offered very helpful ideas, tips, etc. She is fun to work with and I highly recommend her, if for no other reason than to have a sales expert to bounce things off of." -Mike ------------- I'm so glad I hired Marlo as my Coach. She motivated me, gave me direction, and clarified my goals. If you're ever feeling a little off-course or confused with your business, ninety minutes with Marlo will get you moving in the right direction. -Alice ------------ As always Marlo was amazing. She has the ability to make you feel special no matter how many times she's spoken with you. I feel that her coaching is an excellent way to stay plugged in!  It’s the best way I know to connect, share, and get re-energized with my business.  For me this is fun and a creative outlet that I'm fortunate to have. Thank you!  I still feel amazingly blessed to be a part of Marlo’s coaching program. - Carol ------------ Marlo is so positive and upbeat, how can a person walk away with more confidence than they walked in with.  Marlo challenged me to a booking blitz of 20 minutes on the phone and/or 10 contacts.  Marlo conveyed the importance of realistic goals and positive attitude.  We need to set goals so we know where we are going.  I walked away with more determination.  I can't wait until our next coaching session. -Sara ------------ Marlo does such a great job staying positive and making herself available to me. I’ve had to check in with her “10 minute tune up” and I think "how does she come up with such laser strategies to move me forward. But she always does and it's really helps push me.  She recognizes me for my sales and gets me focused on my goals and makes me think about how I intended to reach them. Our coaching sessions are very positive and energizing. I would definitely hire Marlo again, she is definitely worth it. - Katie ------------- You will greatly benefit from Marlo’s approach to success coaching and motivation. She has a lot of energy, passion for helping other succeed, and great ideas to make you a better professional. Ask her about a break through goal. – Brooke

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