Success Comes with Balance

rock balanceThe idea of “balance” in life is tricky. Sometimes it’s necessary to go “all in” and drive a project home.  Sometimes it’s necessary to focus on family, or health, or reconnecting with your passion.  But even when we spend days or weeks focused on a single aspect of our lives, there is a larger picture. When we strike an overall “balance” in the various areas of our life, that’s where the magic happens and we start to feel more successful.  Here’s a strategy that will jump start you on your way to discovering a better balance:

First, consider you divided into 8 core areas:

  1. FAITH
  6. PERSONAL LIFE – education/personal growth
  7. SOCIAL LIFE – friends
  8. COMMUNITY – give back/volunteerism

Rate yourself 1-10 (10 being you feel really great about this area of your life, 1 not so much and would like to seek improvement).

Don’t overthink it.  Write down the first number that comes to you for each area and move on to the next.

Now, take the three lowest rated areas and write those down on a separate piece of paper. Through this process you have identified the areas of your life that you feel are lacking in some way. By focusing on these areas and shoring them up to match the satisfaction levels of other areas, you are creating an environment that will allow you to feel accomplished and successful.

A critical part of this exercise is understanding that every day we make choices concerning each area of our lives. While it may not be possible to give each area an equal amount of time and energy, the goal is have a sense of CONTROL.  In order to do that, we need to break down what needs to change in each area.

Here’s the next step:

Write these two words down: FRUSTRATION | SOLUTION

Now, give yourself a week or so to write down what frustrates you within each of the three lowest rated areas of your life. When that’s done, step into an open/creative space (I suggest adding a hot cup of tea) and write down solutions to each of the frustrations that you listed.

The results should be a list of solutions and actions to take in order to have a better sense of balance in all 8 areas of your life.

Here’s something to consider: I don’t recommend trying to be a perfect 10 in all areas.  If we approach this exercise honestly, it’s important to realize that there are going to be bad days.  There will be unmotivated days.  There will be moments of feeling less than great about something we know we are passionate about and that’s okay.  It’s okay to be human, in fact, it makes success that much sweeter.  My personal goal is to strive for a similar number in all 8 areas.  That way, I know that I’m creating a solid foundation for myself.

Sometimes just being aware of what needs to change in order to get back on track can be enough jumpstart the process.

For example: Let’s say you rated FAITH as a 2.  Your frustration is around improving your overall faith within your life.  A simple solution to put down would be to attend church once a week or commit to every other week.  Once you start taking this action, you start to feel stronger in your faith.

I challenge you to have laser vision of what your dream life looks like! Put a BULLSEYE ON YOUR LIFE and see what happens.

I love hearing from you, so share what this strategy did for you in the coming weeks.

Ignite Your Success!