Technology And The Mindset Movement: A Conversation with Design & Experience Strategist Kaytlyn Sheffler


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In this episode of 22 Motivational Minutes with Marlo, Kaytlyn Sheffler defines the difference between mindset work and technological tools to assist the success journey.

Marlo and Kaytlyn delve into the topic of social experience and success, and how today’s technology and Kaytlyn’s experience with mindset development has impacted her creation of the Joymap app.

As an experienced design strategist, Kaytlyn crafts products and experiences with joy and empathy. Kaytlyn is a storyteller of the human experience - exploring the emotions behind people's delights and discomforts to build creative solutions. Her mission is to support healing & empowerment through joyful, mindful, and scalable design. She is currently building Joymap, a platform for people to be the heroes of their journeys and share meaningful moments for support. Kaytlyn would love for you to reach out to chat about design, wellness, and collaborations!

In this interview you will learn:

• How Kaytlyn founded Joymap • The importance of the intersection of psychology and technology • How individuals use technology to cope with negative experiences • How writing down your story can change your future

Show Notes:

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