The Best Business Advice I’ve Ever Received

banner4-minWhen you’re first starting out, there are many people who are willing to give advice. The gift of the Internet has put an infinite amount of resources (some more reliable than others) at our fingertips. In fact, there’s so much information out there that it can be overwhelming. Often, new business owners find that information so overwhelming they become paralyzed with indecision. I know that feeling, and there is a piece of advice that I have found to counteract it: Launch and Learn. I can tell you with absolute certainty there is never a perfect time to start something new. Don’t allow yourself to complicate things with all of the “what-ifs.” Instead, trust that you will figure it out. Take a risk. Be fearless. Just go for it and see what works.

Whether the result of a risk is success or failure, it’s all progress. It’s all learning.

I believe that you cannot try and fail at the same time. It’s impossible.  As long as you are trying, you are not failing.

It’s when we are afraid to fail that we hold ourselves back from some of the best learning opportunities.

Think back to a time where you successfully took a risk.  Maybe you didn’t make all of your decisions with full confidence, but you took the risk and removed the fear. You learned along the way. You’re further ahead now than you were before.

That is how you launch and learn.

Too often, we let fear gum us up, but when we approach a risk as an opportunity we open ourselves to learning, no matter the outcome.

Life is meant to be lived. Dream so big that it scares you.  Once you’ve got that dream and desire set within you, trust yourself to make that dream a realization.

There will always be lessons to learn – through both successes and failures. Those lessons are the foundations that build strong brands and stronger entrepreneurs. The world’s most successful companies were founded because someone felt that some pull in their chest that you feel before taking a risk, and they chose to trust themselves and go for it.

Let this fuel you today as you are contemplating taking action toward your goals.

I challenge you this week to take that risk and allow yourself to learn something new.  Be open to receive the gifts that are coming in the forms of lessons learned and see what happens.

Growth means trusting the outcome, and what you learned from it.  Take that lesson and share it with others.  Just launch and learn.  Why not?

Love. Marlo, Your Chief Inspirational Officer