The Best Leaders Paint The Clearest Pictures

clear pictureLast week I discussed having a PURPOSE for your goals. It is the initial spark that lights a fire, and the fuel that re-ignites smoldering coals. This purpose also plays an essential role when motivating others from a position of leadership. By having clear-cut goals for your team, and communicating those goals, you are inviting others to be a part of your success. This is done by first answering a few key questions and making sure that you know what you want before you ask someone else to do it for you. First of all, ask yourself WHO do you need to get this done? What does your ideal team look like? Let’s say you need to redesign your website. You will need a web designer, a copywriter, and potentially someone to design a logo or work on advertising. Create a mental picture of your “dream team” then take a step back and look at your resources. Who do you have in your life that would be a good fit for this project? Figure out whom you need to align with and what they need to do in order to make it happen.

The next question comes after you have developed your team. What are the expectations of each role? This is a question that can be applied to any team, from a small project to an entire company. Helping each team member understand what is expected of them as an individual and exactly HOW they contribute to the big picture is essential to seeing results.

Finally, ask yourself what you need to do to make this goal happen. Be honest with yourself and determine how vital you are to the entire process. Are you the financial backing? Are you a motivator? What do you bring to the table? Once you figure out your duties, convey that to your team. Make sure that everyone knows everyone’s role. When expectations are clear, there is nowhere to point blame.

I challenge you this week to take a look at your leadership picture. Are you able to sum up your current goals in a couple sentences? Would the rest of your team say the same thing? If not, ask yourself the questions above and paint a clearer picture. Please feel free to contact me if you need assistance in mapping things out.