The Power of Performance...Lindsay's Story

lindsay langeMy journey with Scentsy started in February 2010, with the goal of earning a few extra hundred dollars per month to spend on decorating our recently purchased home, without breaking the family budget. I was apprehensive of direct sales, as I really knew nothing about it. But I had a passion for Scentsy products, and viewed the initial investment as a chance I was willing to take. Scentsy has become so much more than I ever imagined for my family! The commissions I make can now cover our monthly mortgage payments, and we have not had to worry about our finances through an extended recession. I have earned couples vacations to tropical locales that I never imagined visiting. And I have made amazing friends that I now call not just colleagues, but family.

This past fall, I came dangerously close to not earning my third consecutive incentive trip. This wasn’t an issue of me slowing down my own workload, but because I wasn’t fully helping my team be as successful as they could be. They would look to me for guidance, but I was too busy to coach them to their best potential. Furthermore, my team’s recruiting numbers were not growing like they should to remain successful. And despite increased opportunities with expanding brand lines (Scentsy Fragrance, Velata and Grace Adele), and expanding sales territories (Canada, UK, Germany, Poland, Australia and Mexico) our sales numbers were not growing at a fast enough pace. It felt like our team had plateaued, and we were quickly becoming frustrated.

But things are turning around now, thanks to our new coach, Marlo! I had considered hiring a coach before, but just never committed. I sometimes felt that I was running my business as a hobby, but didn’t fully understand how to run it as a true business. Marlo has been a game changer for me and my team. She has helped me realize so many new techniques in running my business! Because my team is being challenged and held accountable, we have all been more involved and energized then ever before. We are hitting goals that I never imagined possible, and may end up with more recruits already this month then we had all of last year!

I am so excited to continue my journey with Marlo, and cannot wait to watch myself and our team reach all of our goals! If you are ready to take your business to the next level, Marlo can definitely give you the coaching that you need to jumpstart your success!

Lindsay Lange, Your Dynamic International Scentsy Sales Leader