“There is a solution to every frustration if you’re willing to dig deep enough”

diggingIn last week’s blog I mentioned the saying, “there is a solution to every frustration if you’re willing to dig deep enough”.  This week I’d like to expand on that thought and break it down into a process for your use. There are things in our lives that we can and cannot control.  Sometimes it’s easier to think we can’t control something because the responsibility of it can be overwhelming.  But what happens when weight, or a soul-sucking job, or negative relationship is more overwhelming than the idea of taking control and making a change?

This is what I know: We tend to take the leap when we just can’t handle it anymore.

Let’s take this weight topic.  My personal frustration was how my weight held me back from living the kind of life I knew I deserved.  The process actually starts out with FRUSTRATION.  This tends to give us the natural ‘nudge’ to actually to do something about it.

The second part of the process is taking on a positive MINDSET a.k.a positive self-talk.  Not just a whisper, rather, a blaring inner voice that bellows positivity loud enough to drown out anything else.

Think about this: What does your POSITIVE inner voice have to say?

Weekends at our lake home have always been a struggle as most of the fun we have is around eating, cocktailing and socializing with our lake friends.  So on the car ride up I would simply tell myself “I plan to have a skinny weekend”.  Whenever the temptation reared its ugly head I’d ask myself “is that choice going to give me a skinny weekend?

VISUALIZATION is key too.  There was a particular pair of white pants I really wanted to wear.  I envisioned myself reaching my goal by taking a picture of those pants and making them a screenshot on my phone.

DETERMINATION wraps up the process.  I was determined to lose slow and steady, so I did.  I took it week-by-week with the only goal being ‘just lose 2 pounds’.  I was determined to jump on the scale every week and have met this small goal.  I knew the completion of those small goals compounded over time and would add up to something big.  The smaller goals kept me going when the bigger picture was cloudy.

Frustration.  Mindset.  Visualization.  Determination. Control

This process is simple, but there is no magic formula.  Take what you want from this one and make it your own.  I believe in you.  You deserve to believe in yourself (just a little bit more).

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