see the lightTime management is a key phrase that is often tossed around in boardrooms and success seminars. I agree with most individuals in the business world who claim that understanding what proper utilization of time can do for your business and for your life is an essential part of success. However, there is a power struggle that often occurs between individuals and the clock.  Part of the reason people become entrepreneurs is to own their own time, but often those beginning stages of a new venture can leave one feeling consumed by the business, and less in control of their time than when they were punching a time clock. The truth is, time management is really SELF-MANAGEMENT.  Figuring out what we can do inside the numbers takes the power away from the clock and places our success back in our hands.  In order for self-management to work, there has to be a clear VISION of what we want to accomplish and the tasks that make that vision happen.  Every intention, plan, and action is connected and aimed at your vision.

This theory breaks down into a simple formula:


Essentially, every goal should align with your purpose, and your purpose should be reflected in your vision. Once those key elements have been identified, you can prioritize your goals, create the road map, and TAKE ACTION.

Perhaps the hardest part of this process is taking action. It is a lack of action that prevents most individuals from being successful. In order to overcome that feeling of apprehension and to encourage you to dive in to your action steps, here are a few questions to ask yourself:


  1. What do I need to invest in to support the dream?
  2. What do I need to feed and fuel to support what direction I am going?
  3. What are your single daily actions?

These questions begin a conversation with yourself that will be able to clarify any fears or obstacles that need to be overcome. They can also remind you of why you are passionate about your goal in the first place.

When answering these questions, look at the bigger picture. Consider each of these categories and how they fit into your life:


Do your goals have a positive impact on most/all of these areas? If not, it may be useful to reconsider what the true purpose of your goal is and what your end VISION looks like.Share in the comments section below how you approach Self-Management, I’d love to hear from you.

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