To Motivate is to Simplify

2016-07-27-17-14-13This week I started another new client and at our first meeting I asked, “What do you need the most right now?”  Her response? “Motivate me.”

It sounds like a simple request, but in reality, “motivation” is just a starting point. It’s a broad term that could mean a million things. That’s why when I hear my clients ask for motivation I dig deeper.

What do you want to do? What do you need to get there?

Our conversation revealed five big things to tackle with her business. She admitted to feeling overwhelmed and thought if she could just ratchet up her motivation, she would be able to knock out the tasks like a to-do list.

Yes and no.

Once we started tackling each challenge, mapping out a simple plan of how to get there, she changed. A calm look washed across her face and she was alight with confidence. By removing that overwhelming feeling, she was able to find that internal motivation she needed to reach her goals. All I did was show her how to strike the match.

My client walked away from our meeting with a new plan, renewed confidence, and the lesson that in order to get motivated, we must simplify.

Are you looking for motivation today?

Let me share a personal example with you. About 36 months ago I successfully lost 60 pounds.  Since March of this year unfortunately six pounds has crept up and will not let go…arg!

Instead of wallowing in negativity and allowing myself to give up, I’ve decided to use a visual aide to help motivate myself. I placed six bottles of vinegar on the counter (each weighing one pound).  The reason for vinegar is because it was way more useful to me than buying six pounds of flour or sugar.  I love adding vinegar to freshen our wash.

As I’ve continued focusing on losing these six pounds (one pound at a time) this visual shows me that it’s not that hard if I break it down. I focus on one thing (one pound in this instance) and just take action.  I’ll soon get back down to losing that six pounds that I’ve allowed (no one else added those pounds but me).

Though my struggles are different from those of my clients, I can identify with the feeling of being overwhelmed and lacking motivation.  I know what it feels like to feeling guilty for not staying motivated. I’ve seen problems in my own life and businesses jump up and seem insurmountable. But by using this simple strategy of chunking things down and simplifying the process of getting back on track, that’s how we move forward. This is what I teach my clients because I know it as a universal truth.

Simplification moves us forward. – (Tweet This)

I challenge you to use these two examples and apply them to a struggle you are experiencing. What can you learn?  How can you approach it differently to ignite motivation within yourself?

You deserve to get to where you’re going.  Try making it a little easier on yourself, then just get out there and DO IT!  No excuses.  Let the internal motivation of your desire fuel you to reach your goals.

Ignite Your Success!  Love you, Your CIO, Marlo