What I learned after one year of blogging - why you are connecting

What I learned after one year of blogging – what you are seeking and WHY My branding team strongly encouraged me to start writing a weekly blog about what I am doing with my personal brand of coaching.  A year later and after a bit of research the TOP 4 reasons why folks align to my weekly blogging is this (in order of interest);

  1. Folks were engaged to join me on calls when they were offered
  2. You are inspired by the empowering video’s I share –
  3. My personal story – How did I get to where I am in business
  4. Client interest stories – you enjoy reading about my client experiences

I am starting NOW to prepare for the upcoming 2013 year of coaching and I will include each of these valuable pieces to my planning.  It’s all about having a plan then getting on it! I tend to approach everything I do with a bit of strategy – so I will be sure to include all of the above mentioned pieces………….I commit to giving you more 1) call opportunities with me 2) share more inspiring video’s 3) share more about my personal story and how I continue to approach it 4) have more clients share about their experiences with me.

As a Results Based Coach I challenge you to look back at “your work” to see exactly what your clients WANT MORE OF – there is value in doing an exercise like this.  When you catch a positive action and do more of it – YOU GROW………….whether it be personally, professionally, spiritually, financially – you are growing and isn’t that why we continue to “show up” and do what we do best with our “genius”.

Noodle this and watch for more next week –

Love and belief!  Coach Marlo