What Makes Me (and you) a Pro

passion199-1024x1024What Makes Me (and you) a Pro I don't talk about the hard stuff. I think dwelling on negativity gives it energy, and I'm too focused on feeding the positive. I also believe that focusing only on the positive is what keeps me moving forward, and that's why I'm here. I want to keep moving forward.

Recently I realized that there might be a way to address that negativity without tapping into it. The hard stuff in my life is different from your hard stuff, but I know that neither of us wants to dwell there for long. Maybe experiences should be more like museum pieces, carefully preserved - because truly, they're important. Still, hard stuff in life isn't meant to be reused. I've learned, I've grown, I'm better because of what's in my life museum - but that's where it needs to stay.

I challenge you to check out your own museum of hard stuff. I'm not talking a season pass - you're too busy moving forward, like me. I just mean a day trip, glancing at what has brought you this far. It's going to leave a lump in you throat, it might make you squirm, but take a breath and look deeper. What did you do in the face of your world crumbling? Did you fight back? Did you get angry? Did you give up? What happened after that? You got back up. (I know because you’re here today).  Good for you. No, really, good. For. You.

My answer? I leaned on my passion. When I wasn't sure what else to do, when life had knocked me clear to the mat, I clung to my desire to be successful. Then, I organized my thoughts, and I made a timeline. My defense was my passion. My passion for business, my passion for success - that was what propelled me out of my darkness. Passion is what keeps me moving forward. My defense is my passion, and that's what makes me a Pro.

Do you know what your defense is? Hard stuff will happen, and I challenge you to find security in your passion, even if you’re not quite sure what that looks like yet.

** This post comes complimentary from Amanda Lund, Writer.  Amanda extracted a recent conversation we had and simply put it to words…her gift.  Big gratitude!