Why I almost threw in the towel

throw-in-the-towelHave you ever wanted or felt something so strong that you were in a relentless pursuit regardless of what it would take to reach it or obtain it?!? I’ve found myself there this year and I think you may find value as I share my 180 day journey with you. The race is not finished, but out of honor for you I just had to step out and check in with you and let you know I’m still here.  Big things are coming.  However, it's been hard.  Yes, I just said it.  It's not normal for me to surrender to things as being hard but this really has given me a challenge.

As my current followers, past and current clients know I am all about ‘listening deeply to yourself’ and ‘trusting that you have all the answers inside you’ so trusting in myself I simply asked “what does 2016 bring for me?”

I’m diving into the 5th year of my brand and have sensed an internal burn to bring forward a few of ‘My Magic Tricks’ that I’ve shared with clients over the years that have worked in building both themselves, their organizations, opportunities and ideas at many levels.

After asking myself that pivotal question: “what does 2016 bring for me?” this is what I heard….GET IN FRONT OF PEOPLE!  That simple message brought forth my entire brand essence in a total of 22 days.  Clearly seeing my pure, true offerings and how they best serve others started the next phase of growth for me and defined what needs to come out to get in front of others in a bigger way.

I wish that I could say today…lookie here; this is what we’ve done so far, but the work is still happening and I continue to listen to ‘what and who’ next. I keep being shown the direction and the path is still very clear.  Yes, my life would be SO MUCH easier if I just threw in the towel right now and ran to the pool for the day to read a great summer book but I’m not giving up or giving in.  This work is going to happen there are still 180 days left to bring it forward into 2016.

Stay tuned. Know that what’s coming will serve you in a way that it’s supposed to.  I am bringing forward programs, products, books, seminars, national platforms and much more.  I stand in purpose as a Chief Inspirational Officer for others.  If you don’t clearly understand what I do, here goes:  I motivate you to get s@#% done!

It’s still a work in progress. The fire is still burning bright inside me.  I will not give up on myself or the dreams that I have.  However, today that just sounds delicious.  It would be a fun day at the pool.

I have enlightened calm and tell myself daily…”let it flow, it will show” and the path continues to be shown.

Don’t ever give up on yourself and live with regret. Stay true to what you want and listen deeply.  You deserve it even if it means you’ve got to surrender a few great days of summer to make it happen.  It will be worth it in the end.

With deep love and great peace,