You have all the answers!

ask the right questionsI say this multiple times per day, to myself and to all of my clients.  This simple truth deserves reiterating daily.  You DO have the answers within you; sometimes it is simply a matter of organizing your thoughts and putting them into action. In order to do that, I’d like you to consider a few questions:

  • What needs to be done this week? This question will assist you with your time management by determining what needs to get done by Friday. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, relax and focus on three things that MUST be done daily in order for you to end the week feeling empowered and accomplished.
  • What do I need in my role? If you are leading a team, department or project the answer to this is often times the answer to what your team needs too. The answer to this one often comes in the form of training. Once you have identified a tangible list of needs, you are better able to identify what type(s) of training is needed for your team as well.
  • How much time do you really have? This one is essential, as it offers solutions to a problem that I see continually around ‘managing expectations’. Often times we put too much pressure on ourselves to get it all done. Instead, I challenge you to take a softer approach and honor yourself through the process. Get clear on what REALLY needs to happen with the time that you have and BAM, everything will start to improve. For example, let’s say you only have one hour a day to do follow-up with your business. Once you understand that you only have one hour a day to do follow-up for your business will you be able to create the healthy boundary to make this happen.

These are just a few essential questions that can be helpful when organizing daily priorities.  There are questions that can be helpful when managing expectations of new projects including: What do I expect of myself with this project? What are my expectations of my team and how I lead them?  These heavy-hitting questions are key to identifying and managing what you expect of yourself and others.

I trust these simple questions will offer you greater performance this week, month and quarter.  You do have all the answers; it just comes down to stepping back and being honest with yourself and your expectations.

Ignite Your Success!