Your Chief Inspirational Officer

marloMarlo Higgins, Chief Inspirational Officer I’m often asked what it is that I do for clients.  People who ask this question are usually looking for magic.  In fact, when hiring a business coach that is what most people expect and that’s terrific.  I’m proud of the fact that my services are life changing enough to be considered magical.

However, the reality is that there is no magic wand.  My role in this relationship is simple and vital.  When pursuing goals and fulfilling dreams, I am a bridge between strategy and execution.  I inspire by asking the right questions and by shaping the strategy that enhances performance, igniting individuals into action.  Together we create solutions and my clients see results.

When committing to work with my clients, I take them seriously.  Whether they hand me a business portfolio or a dream on the back of a cocktail napkin, I know that I am looking at a valuable business person.  My role in that business is Chief Inspirational Officer – the one that spurs all the others into action, even if in the beginning all the other roles are being played by the same person.

I work with clients on a variety of paths, but there are a few common factors that, when present, are strong indicators of success:

  • They are goal oriented and committed to taking action
  • They want more, but don’t know what “more” looks like
  • They are not willing to stay stuck
  • They build teams and are leaders
  • They are driven toward personal sales and team productivity
  • They are looking to get energized and feel valuable
  • They want to be part of a team and to know they are not alone in reaching their goals

When I see these qualities I know that I’m signing on to a winning team. 

I am guided by my experiences.  Having the opportunity to grow and build sales organizations has given me the ability to relate to my clients and the challenges they face on a personal level.  My strategies are forged from my personal wins, and from some of my losses.  Everything is an opportunity to learn, and I’m happy to share that knowledge with others.

I challenge you this week to think about your dreams and goals.  What does your successful team look like?  Who do you need to align with to get where you want to go?

Ignite Your Success!