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All Workshops are $90 and will take place online

via Zoom from 11:00 - 12:00 p.m. CST




Validating Your Employee’s Role in Your Success

People are your greatest asset. When they are inspired, empowered, and motivated to exceed their current expectations of themselves, the overall performance of your company will exponentially improve. During this presentation you will learn three key strategies for validating your employees and the impact they can have on your overall success.



Inspiring Your Team to Faster Solutions

When team members feel supported they are brave enough to think about problems in new ways, coming up the innovative solutions to the obstacles that stand in their way. During this workshop you will learn three ways that you can inspire your team to create their own solutions and a simple method for tracking your progress over time.



Creating a Culture of Loyalty

The worst thing a business can endure is a team who is only there to take up space. Empower your team member to invest in the overall vision and mission of your organization. When given the opportunity, people take actions that align with their own core values. Make it easy for your team by showing how your organizations values align with their own goals and you have the foundation for loyalty. During this workshop you will learn how to communicate your organization’s mission in a way that inspires and connects with your team. You will also learn how to ask deeper questions and maximize the values of your employees.



Challenging Your Team to Achieve Bigger Goals

Help your team reach new levels of performance by implementing habits that support their results and their actions. During this presentation you will learn how to empower your team to ask for help, take the right actions, and hold them accountable in a supportive way.



Supporting the Self-Sustaining Employee

People can achieve more consistently when operating at a pace that feels good and manageable. During this presentation you learn how to guide team members to find a pace that’s right for them while still accomplishing the tasks they need to consistently move forward.