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Humanity As Currency: Understanding And Investing In The Power Of People

AUDIENCE: Business Professionals, Executive Leaders, Human Resource Professionals, Sales Leaders

Being able to identify and optimize an individual talent is what makes good leaders great. Sales teams, board rooms, and client bases are filled with people who all have something to contribute to a larger goal. When we align the value that each of us has to the bigger picture we hit targets, reach goals, and do it in the most empowering way.

Listeners will walk away from this presentation with a greater understanding of their personal value, as well as how to identify the value of others. They will also learn key strategies to connect and leverage that value to serve their organization as a whole.



Four Key Fundamentals To Building A High-Performance Team

AUDIENCE: Business Professionals, Executive Leaders, Marketing Professionals, Entrepreneurs

Every day leaders are tasked with turning random individuals into high performing sales teams. But putting the right people in the room is only half of what it takes. Building a high performing team is achieved by addressing each of these four fundamentals in a way that resonates with each team member:

  • Clarity
  • Action
  • Confidence
  • Risk

As leaders, it’s our responsibility to help our team grow individually and teach them how to support each other as a whole. The result is a group of Mavericks, each running an individual race toward a common goal.

Audience members will walk away with core strategies that can be implemented into any leadership role for immediate results.



You Have To Start Somewhere: How I Doubled My Income In A Recession Without A College Education

AUDIENCE: Entrepreneurs, Young Adults

This message is designed for those who have a passion for entrepreneurship and a fear of the unknown. Part origin story and part motivational keynote, I walk the listeners down the first steps of my own entrepreneurial path. From starting a company to rebranding another and finally launching my own, I’ll share how I faced obstacles like the recession and personal health issues by staying focused on what matters most.

Listeners will walk away with a greater sense of what it takes to not only start a business, but also how to live an entrepreneurial life. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t require a ton of money or a formal education.



Successboarding, The Power of Self-Recognition

AUDIENCE: Business Professionals, Executive Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Young Adults

This researched and proven business strategy allows high performers to stop relying on  outside sources for validation and focus on turning simple achievements into actionable steps that create greater results.

Audience members will be given the tools needed to go from a list of achievements to the visualization of a strategic plan complete with action steps. This strategy is ideal for both teams and independent business owners.


Companies that understand the importance of building on knowledge with actionable strategies are more likely to cultivate a workplace culture that encourages continued growth.



Here are a few companies who are doing just that: